FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers for some important questions users might have regarding Smart Mac Care.

Yes, you can under Smart Mac Care’s Preferences option, find Disk Usage menu. Under that heading you will see categories like Movies, Photos, Music, Documents, Archives and other files that are in use. You can customize file size according to your needs & requirements. Below that you will find Extensions, where you can exclude folders, files and paths which you don’t want to scan for deletion.

On the main screen, tap on Privacy Scan option which offers a one-stop way to mitigate common privacy concerns. By analyzing and destroying internet information that track your usage & your online movements. It targets potential privacy invaders and clean cookies, web storage, DOM storage to protect your data from prying eyes.

Getting rid of junk files is a good place to start with! Generally, lot of apps take up unneeded space with their temporary files stored on your system. Removing the garbage files can regain a great amount of valuable disk space on your hard drive. Junk Scan cleans unused cache files, log files, trash files, extra languages, mail cache and much more. Now you can spare more room for new photos, movies, music, and other stuff.

Yes, using Memory Optimizer, you can speed up your Mac immediately! Keeping as much RAM free as possible allows your system to perform better. It displays information about memory in use and the memory that’s available. With just a ‘click’ you can optimize applications & files. It will free as much memory by deleting useless files and background processes. You can find this feature in Advanced tools.